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Buddy Nepal

Buddy Nepal is the next platform defined as the platform designed for all. In buddy nepal, All kind of users have their own taste for their own interest. Buddy Nepal includes some unique features like, city guide .. Voice and video chat, Facebook and twitter usability .. Digital Market .. News .. Blogs .. and much more ..

Buddy nepal is designed and maintained by Samir babu gharti who is studying in Islington college, kamal pokhari .

Buddy Nepal is started from jan. 2011 and the main theme for buddy nepal is to provide platform for all.

Where using city guide .. users can know about any places around the world .. post maps .. tag your hotels .. pubs .. college and much more in map so that clients can find them easily ..

Using voice and video chat users can communicate in much advance way .. where user can send files from chat .. play game and also multiple games …

in Buddy nepal, chat room is also designed for chat room fans .. where three kinds of chat room can be used .. like request room .. password protected room .. and private room …

Buddy nepal is not only for making friends and chatting .. it is also much important for business point of view .. using the Digital market feature .. users can sell and buy things .. promote business .. post job vacancy .. and much more ..

In buddy nepal, users can also get touch with the world via NEWS .. where users can read and view the news like from BBC .. GOOGLE and much more …

For facebook and twitter users .. buddy nepal allowed users to connect with facebook and twitter and update from here to there..

Not only updates .. using my facebook wall feature, users can have facebook wall, news feed , friends .. and much more ..

using the latest splashing feature in buddy nepal , users can also schedule the updates to facebook and twitter .. if you dont get time to use facebook and twitter .. then you can schedule your videos , photos and posts and that will be posted on the time and date you have scheduled …

Buddy Nepal also allows user to write blogs and add google ads in it and simply earn from it .

In other features, you can create pages .. groups .. events and much more ..

If you are looking for something different , then buddy nepal is the best option.

Simply buddy nepal is a platform for all ..

Buddy Nepal

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