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Sahakari Jankari

Welcome to sahakari jankari

Sahakari Jankari(SJ) is the portal websites of the Sahakaries (Saving & Credit Co- operative Societies). It is established on 2012 February 1st.This is the concepts of “Wise Exist Web Technology Private Limited”, the leading website development and Professional Training institution in Nepal. This website provides a services to create a their(sahakaries) profile website, so that people of their own localities as well as the member and the whole countries can see the information’s, news and notices as well as the interest rates, types of deposits and saving accounts through internet. Through this portal website comparatives analysis of different co-operative can be done by viewing their own websites. This websites have Multilanguage facilities for the easiness to understand the websites terms and schemes.

Our Vision

Sahakari Jankari is rise with a vision of providing portal services on websites of Nepalese’s saving & Credit Co-operative Societies. Those who provide quality services, more interest, who focus on the approaches to develop critical thinking, analytical power and creativity on sahakari societies can be lead the nation and can be trust by Nepalese people on their co-operative. So for the promotion of the co-operatives and Organize the Co-operatives, we build website to develop the concept, and to provide true and fact knowledge about Sahakaries (Saving & Credit Co-operative Societies).We think you build you website in our portal system so that you can provide the fact and information of you Co-operatives.

Our Mission

To enhanced Nepalese concept and to provide the fact information, to Organize the Co-operative website as well as to provide the services for sahakaries (saving & Credit Co-operative Societies) for their promotion, local marketing, Information providing is our goals.

Sahakari Jankari

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