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The Islamic Govts and all other islamic organisations in the world failed
to notice that Christians are not
arrogant and amongst them are priest and monks according to
the Quranic verse 5: 82.In
the absence of the same ,there is no peace between the 2 largest
population of the world.Once the Holy Quran recognized Christianity ,
then no Christian can criticize that Islamic community is false or
Satanic community. All the Muslims in the world are the followers of Our Prophets
Jesus , Moses and Muhammad ( peace be upon them). We have no other
intention except to spread the messages to all the communities in the
world posted in our website www.goldenduas.com
to promote harmony, peace and security of mankind in the world. The
question of converting Christians and all other communities in the
world into Islam does not arise on the reason that the Holy Quran
banned compulsory conversion as per Quranic verse 2:256. The Christians
in the world are service minded people,who work towards peace, research, etc. to
serve public in the world and as such no one can act against
Christianity in the world . Please check our homepage www.goldenduas.com.Please
cooperate and advertise to all persons,to allow all the communities in
the world to visit and download from our website www.goldenduas.com.
in the interest of public peace,humanity,jobs,business,security,health and wealth of mankind
in the world and oblige.
With Kind Regards,
Ibrahim Ali.


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